Film Composer Music Score Cinema
Film Composer Music Score Cinema
Film Composer Music Score Cinema
Film Composer Music Score Cinema

F I L M  S c o r i n g

F I L M  S c o r i n g

If you have questions, requests or inquiries regarding the reel, availability, your working budget, or musical avenues you wish to explore for your production, please contact me directly:
-Roger Garcia, Composer.

Demo, 60 sec. to picture

Reel, 4.5 min. audio


Score For Performance/Recording

Flat Rate:                                  Negotiated with Contract

Hourly (less page rate, open project)                  $195/hr.

Hourly (plus page rate)                                     $28.91/hr.

Page Rates*:
Not more than 13 lines                                     $18.05/pg.
Not more than 20 lines                                     $23.18/pg.
Not more than 25 lines                                     $25.98/pg.
Not more than 30 lines                                     $28.78/pg.
Not more than 35 lines                                     $31.63/pg.
Not more than 40 lines                                     $34.43/pg.
Not more than 45 lines                                     $37.83/pg.
Not more than 50 lines                                     $40.31/pg.
More than 50 lines                                            $41.66/pg.

Piano part (taken from voice)                           $28.91/pg.
Lead Sheet** (taken from melody)                   $12.36/pg.

Conductor's Part (from score)                          $20.03/pg.
Adding lines to existing score (per line)             $4.10/pg.

*A score page shall consist of no less than four (4) bars, in which case a page with less than four (4) bars shall be considered computed as a half-page. Single notation, divisi parts, bar numbers, page numbers, timings, clicks, scene cues, and other supplementary information, will each count as one (1) line. Double-stave parts will each count as two (2) lines. When contracted at the page rate, the orchestrator shall provide the client one (1) hour free consultation time. Further consultation shall be paid at the hourly rate of $28.91 per hour.

**Lead sheet includes: single notation (melody), chord changes, and lyrics only. Bar numbers and rehearsal marks may be added at no extra cost.

Score For
ELECTRONIC Performance

Flat Rate:                                  Negotiated with Contract

Electronic Multi-Tracking Rate                             $210/hr.