Custom Field/Indoor Show Music:

General Pricing  &  Copyright Information

Hornline only
[brass only]
Hornline only
[marching band]
Hornline and Pit
affordable marching arrangements
Hornline only
[brass only]
Hornline only
[marching band]
Hornline and Pit

We value your time, our rates and sample contracts are easy to access! Pricing is calculated with a redirected budget in mind, towards bettering your organization!



All copyright protected material commissioned for arrangement requires additional permissions. Permission to arrange, performance royalties, synch rights, (etc.) will be the responsibility of the School/Organization. Work cannot begin until permission to arrange is obtained. All original compositions, and arrangements from works in the public domain, will carry a copyright notice by Hans Maestro Music (or Roger Garcia, ASCAP), and will require no additional licensing or royalties payments to Hans Maestro Music.


Scoring for ensembles of varying size and difficulty levels is a service provided collaboratively with your organization to assure your group is maximizing their talent level. All of the following are available with custom field shows:

-Desired solos/solo sections
-Desired Key Signature (if preferred)
-Sections to be featured (i.e. brass, woodwinds, trumpets, pit, drum break, etc)
-Desired Instrumentation
-Desired direction of musical concept


You can choose to have your score delivered to you electronically, in full, or as completion progresses. MP3 demos will be readily available for your instructional staff or to place on your organization's website as a resource*. If you wish to request a printed copy of the product in lieu of PDF files, you will receive the product only upon completion.*


Work on a musical score will begin with a completed contract. Final payment will be due within 30 days from receipt of the completed score or as negotiated*. Changes/edits can be requested; changes requested after product is paid may incur a re-arrange charge if the requested changes are major to the movement of the music.*


*Please view/download a blank contract to review all the details


I guarantee full commitment to your organization. I write with a passion for the art of music and the love of the artform which is marching band/drum & bugle corps. Thank you for considering the preceding information, and thank you for choosing Hans Maestro Music!

Roger Garcia, Arranger.